Why professional wedding photographer matter?

Improved cell phone cameras and the explosion of consumer DSLRs has created a resurgence in photography where suddenly everyone is snapping pictures and applying filters, and therefore some go so far as to call themselves “professional photographers.” Does owning professional mechanical toolbox in my garage make me a professional auto mechanic? A professional in any domain needs to have completed serious coursework and or apprenticeship, and enjoyed the mentoring of a seasoned professional. Since all photography is not equal, when it comes to your special day, what an error it would be to trust your cousin or friend who is just a regular Joe or Jane with a camera! Seek out a professional with an extensive print portfolio, interview them, and examine their packages/collections and compare cost, and payment terms. There should be added value in their experience, clarity of information they provide and the terms of the services. If they pressure you, walk away. After all, you want crystal-clear and creative images that not only chronicle your day but also draw you closer to your partner and rekindles your appreciation of your relatives and friends. It’s a lifetime investment. Let’s go pro!

Author: prestigeimage
I am a professional photographer on mission to enhance the image of the world, one person, one family, one project at a time.

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