Alexis and Fred’s Engagement

Like-minded people often end up finding each other, however sinuous the road may be. That’s how Alexis, whom I first met during her senior portrait session 13 years ago, and Fred met at a mutual friend’s barbecue. Small talk led to more talk, a couple of dates, and 3 years later, Fred and Alexis are engaged to be married in 2019! Alexis knew it was coming, but she wasn’t sure when. So one night, while she was getting reading for bed, Fred was on his knees. Hint! Hint!  Alexis was thinking, “he must be trying to play one of his pranks again”; and here’s why: Fred, a strong man in all other regards, admits, “I was so nervous I wasn’t sure how to best put it to her; so I decided to be genuine and asked her directly, and she she said yes!” He spoiled it! Not really!

Initially, Fred had planned to propose at a surprise a surprise-birthday party her friends were planning. However, somewhat disappointed but undeterred, with the complicity of their loving families, they threw the birthday party, anyway. It was still a surprise because Alexis thought she was going to a wine-tasting event until she turned the corner of the second floor landing at the Quincy Deco Building. At the sudden echo of “Surprise!” Freeeeezzzz! Much laughter and banter ensued until an hour or so later, when they agreed to re-enact  the proposal: Fred still sweated and buckled. This time, though, she helped him by not prolonging his genuflection with a quicker yes, and a ready hand for Fred to slip the ring for the second time. With moist eyes, they hugged and kissed to their relief and everyone else’s delight.  It’s true! they were made for each other… in their simplicity; their clarity of purpose; their genuine affection for one another transparent as the hot summer day. They are blessed. To Alexis and Fred: Love, I dedicate Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116. Run with it.

Prestige Image Photography