Julia and Frank’s photo Session

I first met Franck about 5 years ago during a business trip to Boston. Franck is a Renaissance man; a jazz aficionado, a music critic, and an English teacher at the famed Lycée des Pontonniers in Strasbourg, he’s lived his whole life. Julia, like Franck, is also a native Alsacienne, a jazz aficionado, and a manager at a major retail store is Strasbourg. Julia and Franck met at a mutual friend’s party. The rest is history; they fell in love instantly, and after two years of jazz music, and love, they were expecting their first child whom they decided to name Jean.

For their photo shoot on an unusually frigid day this past February, their agreement was for each to be authentic; their instructions to me, “we’ll do what we want, but you can tell us what to to also.” I loved every moment with them; they were spontaneous throughout the session, happy, and their infectious laughter kept me warm and attracted many curious passers-by and their dogs. The images from the session reflect their personalities and love for each other. Always be real!


Julia and Franck, thank you for your hospitality and congratulations on the birth of Jean. May you live in love and laughter always.

Author: prestigeimage
While my journey into professional photography began 30 years ago, my affinity for the art began in my mid teens. While at first, I only focussed on what I loved, my mission has evolved into creating original and apt images that for my clients: artistically intriguing and emotionally riveting.


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