-------- love the art, cherish the memories --------

The portrait Photography


Truly you know that you need portraits of yourself or your  family; the question is what are you going to do with them? We’ ll expertly guide you every step of the way to bring your vision to life, from your clothing to the choice of background, set design, and the finished look of your photos based on your style, interests, and home décor. With us, no two sessions are alike. 

Call or Text us at 617.510.6064 to discuss details or request pricing below.


Whether you are already a Prestige Image family member or joining us, we encourage you to call us first to discuss your project or book directly online. Currently promotions will be applied on checkout (Excludes corporations that work from project estimates to invoicing).


Depending on your comfort level, we can do this either over the phone or in-person. Your vision will help us understand the types of images to capture and  what kinds of portraits to create; for example, what kind of look are you going for? Is this vision better done in studio or on-location? Do you want to tell this moment of your family story in an heirloom storybook or showcased in a Fine Art Canvas collection on our wall? 


When you arrive, we will already have set up the studio just for you. Focus on being yourself and having fun! Our team will help you relax, and if you have children we’ll do our best to make them at ease. Not every child smiles. Kids are even cute when goofy! So Relax! With thousands of families and individuals photographed over the past 30 years, we’ll capture your images from various angles so we get the most flattering images of you. We make sure you love your photos.


After your session, we will create a custom gallery just for you; there you can select your favorites, print sizes, and create album collections. You can even order additional prints and greeting cards. 

If you are ordering a Fine Art Wall Décor Collection, you’ll need to return to the studio within 1 to 2 weeks to view the possibilities. Using state-of-the-art software, we will show your portraits scaled onto your walls. 

Love the Art, Cherish the Memories!


Congratulations! You turned your vision into reality. Your portraits grace your walls, and your heirloom album on your coffee table speaks volumes of love and hope. On social media, you are all the rave, while your holiday and greeting cards become collectible items. 

What a difference a vision can make!


If you have young children, you know they will grow fast and change. How do you want to document their evolution through high school graduation? Will it be every birthday or once a year or every other year? It’s up to you.                                         

Because you are now a member of the Prestige Image family, we can help you create a vision of your future sessions based on the ages of your children and the design vision for your home. Our wall décor pieces are designed to be moved around your home as you add to your family collection. 

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