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Happy New Year, 2023!

We have come out of Covid-19 Pandemic, although we are still struggling with one of its variants or other. However, panic of 2020 has made way for adaptation, resilience, and optimism. However, the time is still tense due rising unemployment, high prices for common goods, raging inflation, awful wages for ordinary folks, wars overseas, and political uncertainly due to polarization in Washington and our states legislatures. All of these factors have caused businesses to close or raise prices exponentially to remain afloat. However, at Prestige Image, we have managed to keep the cost of our services almost where they were in 1999.

How did we manage to do this? Whereas market realities are nearly impossible to ignore or bypass, we cut the cost of our labor to bring your the services you have come to depend on over the past 30 years. Many, if not all of you, have become family and friends; we visit each other, we commune together, and literally, we got each other’s backs. Therefore, we continue to support one another. As you well know, from your studio portraits to wall decor with best material there is, and Italian-hand-made storybooks you will bequeath your family, clearly the workmanship has only improve but not the cost. This is how we continue to support you. In addition, periodic discounts from our publishers and printers are offered to our clients as discounts in the same amounts. We won’t be buying Bugatties or private jets anytime soon, but we are richer with your friendship and loyalty.

Remain blessed.

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